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We share years of trading experience to help participants learn, trade, and earn on their own terms.

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Practical workshops delivered in an accessible and interactive manner.

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Master effective trading with quizzes developed to test your knowledge.

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In-depth learning materials that offer the full trading education experience.

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We offer a selection of training packages to accommodate the needs of a large audience seeking to trade in the financial markets.


$ 100
  • E-books
  • Education Materials


$ 250
  • E-books
  • Market Updates
  • Education Materials
  • Video Lessons
  • Daily Signals
  • Advanced Charting Software


$ 500
  • E-books
  • Market Updates
  • Education Materials
  • Video Lessons
  • Daily Signals
  • Economic Calendar
  • Advanced Charting Software

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Our goal is to help our students succeed by providing lessons and support from professionals. Explore the world of investing and start earning for your future today.

At Income Academy, you have the opportunity to learn all the necessary skills to build a strategic and effective plan for your financial goals.

Pave your way to success with our trading courses. Income Academy offers various and effective strategies that have been tried and tested by investors around the world.

Our team of experts will be your guide on your trading journey, bringing to you years of experience and personal lessons about the financial markets.

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What Our Students Have to Say

The class was great and really informative. The knowledge shared by the instructors was worth more than what the package actually cost.
Alex Shevchenko
Lithgow, NSW
The course paid for itself before I finished it. The classes not only taught me about technical analysis, but also lifelong lessons on how market function.
Natalie Kauffman
Brisbane, QLD
From understanding the basics of the financial markets to how they work and traded, Income Academy offers this and more. This is about constant learning and skill building.
Norman Lee
Adelaide, SA
The tech services that provides the material and facilities the class worked excellently. It made the lessons something to look forward to as I progress.
Perry Floyd
Hobart, Tasmania

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